Improvement of quality in products and services holds the key to improving any business. We examine your situation from the bottom up to encompass all areas of quality improvement and ongoing quality assurance, improving reliability and reducing variation. Some of our tools and techniques include:

  • Root Cause Analysis – This assists with tackling repeat quality/service issues, gain traction for both short and long-term solutions. Use of cause effect diagrams and five Whys.
  • FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis is an advance quality planning tool best applied at the development stage of product, process, service or equipment/tooling. However, when post applied, it becomes effective learning mirror for decision makers for reliable outcomes.
  • Poke-yoke or fail-safe strategies makes process less dependent on operators.
  • Defect Data Capture Tools – Start recording all abnormal condition efficiently. Abnormal reporting is key to averting costly customer complaints.