Operational Cost Reduction

  • Value Stream Mapping – Methodology to capture business process on one page. Shared picture, the current state map, typically leads to a vision for waste reduction. Future state map helps to sustain improvement cycle, prioritize, maintain focus, achieve better service levels (e.g. lead time) and bottom line.
  • Facilitating Kaizen Events – Kaizen event is focused-effort of identifying and implementing improvement in less than a week. We can help you with Shop Floor or Transactional. The transactional Kaizens are handy to improve office/admin functions; the less obvious waste.
  • Creating a Visual Work Place – Effective teams are able to distinguish normal from abnormal in a glance and trigger corrective action. It supports walk through management, sustainability of lean systems, project management and communication in shop floor or office environment.
  • Effective KPIs– Your dash-board design to shape your team’s behavior. selection of the right ones to move the needle, maintenance thereof with low input effort.
  • Inventory Optimisation – Replenishment system – tools such as min/max, reorder point, Kanban. How to use Inventory Turns as input rather than just have an output?
  • Shop Floor or Warehouse Layout – improving productivity or a new set up.
  • SMED – Set up time reduction, helps to overcome system inertia to achieve considerable shifts in the lead time and inventory.